Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Seduction Blog Hop ~ BAD GIRL!

Welcome hoppers! I'm going to share with you a small excerpt from my sexy romantic thriller, BAD GIRL!
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In BAD GIRL!, Kris, my heroine is a dominatrix. The problem begins when someone starts killing her clients in a manner related to their particular kink. She has been very closed up to any relationship since she was brutally assaulted two years ago. Now, with all the fear surrounding the murders, she realizes the one person who loves her and accepts her for who she is, is her martial arts instructor, Felix. He accompanies her on her appointments if she feels uneasy. Now, she shows up at his apartment late at night, and demands he make love to her.

                                      The Excerpt:  

Kris sighed, just the tiniest whimper of pleasure, bringing a grin to Felix’ face.
“What?” He stared at her lips and slowly lowered his mouth to hers, torturing her with his exquisite languor. It became a fierce kiss, capturing her mouth, invading it, owning it.
Breathless, she pulled away. “Is there a bed in this place?”
“Yes.” He pulled her shirt over her head and fingered the lacy material of her bra.
She unhooked it and flung it overhead.
Felix found her breasts with his mouth and hands.
She was on fire. Flames spread from her taut nipples, from his mouth suckling and teasing her, burned a path to her core. “Oh, God! Show it to me!”
“What?” He made circles around her nipple with his tongue.
Kris growled, frustration breaking through her usual self-control. “The bed! The bed!”
He raised his head, a laugh rumbling deep in his chest. “I’ll take you there if you’re sure you want to do this, but I’ll ruin you for all other men.”
“Idiot! There are no other men,” she said. “I only want you, Felix.”
He held her against the wall, his voice falling soft as snowflakes against her neck. “This will change everything. We’ll never be able to go back to just being friends.”
Kris kissed him and whispered, “If you don’t take me to your bed now, I’m going to bite you until you cry like a little girl.”

He laughed, his voice deep and mellow. “Yes, Mistress.”

BAD GIRL! is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and other fine book distributors. 
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