Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Writer's Harvest

Since I'm a country girl and we raised crops, cattle, pigs and chickens, I've always known that the harvest is the culmination of your hard work. The reaping of the rewards, which for a farm family meant a full larder and a freezer filled with meat. The summer veggies and fruit had been canned and safely stored in the root/storm cellar. 
For a writer, the harvest is a little different. Instead of seeing shelves of shining glass jars filled with pickles, jams and produce, I can look on any of my distributor's (Amazon, B&N etc) author pages and see a row of covers with my name on them. And while it is rather satisfying to see them, it also spurs me to write another book. 

My latest novel, BAD VIBES, is the third in my hot romantic thriller series set in the lower Rio Grande Valley on the Texas coast. The order of the series is BAD MEDICINE, BAD KARMA and now, BAD VIBES. To enter my November contest, please comment below with your email or drop me a line on the contact page. The winner will receive a free download plus a Bad Girls Need Love Too...tee shirt in their size from small to XL. Hope that autumn finds you well and reaping the harvest of your labors.