Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Giveaway Hop 2013~The Reluctant Rancher

I’m really delighted to be taking part in the Summer Giveaway Hop. First of all, I have a FREE download for you from my YA-Fantasy, LEXICON. Please help yourself to a copy right here:  LEXICON will be FREE on August 1st and 2nd. However if you happen to be hopping on August 3rd or 4th, you're in luck, because on those days, THE RELUCTANT RANCHER will be FREE. Here is the link:
And I'm also offering a download of my  contemporary western romantic suspense, THE DOCTOR'S CHOICEto one lucky reader who leaves a comment below. This was the first book in the Badlands series. 
This Badlands series is set in the Panhandle of north Texas. In the sequel, (and my most recent contemporary western romantic suspense) The Reluctant Rancher, there are two love stories intertwined in this novel. In this scene, Sara Beth, a very young widow is thrilled when Frank, a cowboy has helped her bring her store into the virtual world by helping her to gain an internet account.

Sara Beth is becoming aware of Frank, but this just overwhelms her and she really doesn't know what to do with her feelings.

 By the time Frank pulled up in front, Sara Beth felt an unaccustomed surge of joy in her chest. She blushed. It’s just because I’m excited about the internet thing. She took a deep breath and expelled it, hoping her color had returned to normal by the time Frank pushed through the door.
“Hey, Sara Beth,” he sang out.
She couldn’t repress her grin. “Hey yourself, cowboy.”
“That’s me.” He winked at her.
Oh, my! Am I flirting? She struggled to breathe normally. “I signed up with the ISP folks, like you told me.”
“Great,” he said. “Let me get you hooked up.”
She nodded, not sure what getting ‘hooked up’ entailed.
Frank asked which company she had signed up with and made a quick phone call. He sat at the computer and very shortly announced that she was ‘live’. He rose from the chair and indicated that she was to be seated. “Do you have an e-mail account?”
When she said no, he proceeded to direct her through the steps of obtaining an email address for her store.
She smiled, feeling shy. “This is how people will write me when they want to buy something?”
He tilted his head. “Well, if they have a question, for sure. But they should be able to just click a button and make a purchase. Then you’ll be notified to send it to them and the money will go from their checking account or charge card to your account. We can get that all set up when we design your website.”
“My own website?” Thrilled, Sara Beth jumped up from her seat and swung around to face him. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him hard.
Frank lifted her off her feet in a bear hug. She felt his cheek against hers, sending her heart into palpitations. When he set her back down, she blushed profusely.
“I’m so sorry.” She swallowed hard. “Oh, what you must think of me, Frank.” She stepped back and pressed her lips together.
“I think a lot of you, Sara Beth. You’re a fine woman and don’t you go having any doubts about that.”
She could feel her heart pounding hard. Indeed, it was drumming in her ears. “I just don’t know why I did that.”
He lifted her chin, forced her to meet his gaze. “Sara Beth,” he said quietly. “I like you too.”

I hope you enjoyed this little peek at The Reluctant Rancher. You can grab a copy on Amazon, where it is available as book II in the Badlands series...Or, you can grab it FREE on August 3rd and 4th using this link>  
The link for The Doctor's Choice is here>
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  1. Thanks for being in the hop it has been a thrill doing this i had a lot of fun i am a new reader.

  2. Thanks for being a part of the hop! Can't wait to read your books.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  4. Sounds like a great series! Thanks for the free book and giveaway.


  5. Another great addition to a great series! :)

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  9. Aww - I missed the freebies!

    Fingers crossed to win. I need a book set in Texas for a reading challenge and Badlands series sounds pretty good.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

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