Monday, July 2, 2012

A Bit Busy

This seems to be one of those times when life demands that you hold on tight with both hands because it's flying by.  My son and his wife had their baby boy last week. This was a few days after my mom's 85th birthday celebration.  So, this post is pictures. Here's the baby when he was less than an hour old.

The video is one minute and destined to be a classic -- at least in our small circle. My sister insisted on putting all 85 + 1 candles on the cake.


  1. Baby Anthony is beautiful. Congratulations to the young family and to grandma too. *hugs*
    And I hope you had the fire department on speed dial for your mom's birthday. You have some great genes, Tara!

  2. What a sweetie. Huge congratulations to mom and dad and to you too! I've got a case of grandma envy going on. lol

  3. Anthony is already so handsome! Congratulations on becoming a grandma. There's nothing in the world to compare to your beautiful, sweet bundle. It'll be interesting to see how Lydia takes to Anthony! Love that you fired up your mother's birthday cake! She looks like she's full of energy! Wanted to make sure you got her pic. Too cute.