Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Fourth of July!

And...Happy Birthday to our beautiful America!

Today is either a lazy day or an extremely busy day for everyone. Families gather at mountain retreats, lakeside cabins, a day at the lake, someone's home. Wherever you meet, the day is filled with hugs, laughter, good conversation, and good food.

Our Fourth has changed over the years. We used to spend days at the lake, boating, swimming, fishing and cooking out for a group of friends and family. These days we're kicked back and work in the yard or watch ballgames.

My son is all about fishing. His son, age eleven, had a fishing pole in his hands as soon as he could hold one. Over the years many a fish has landed on the banks. This morning my son called at 8:00, he'd taken my grandson fishing at his other grandfather's lake. He emailed a photo of my grandson's latest catch. It was a huge Bass! My grandson said his dad told him it must weigh in around four pounds! That's a big fish! Did they keep the fish? No. They turned the nice catch loose so they or someone else could catch it again. I think that's the best thing to do.

I hope you have the best and safest holiday ever.

Do you have special memories of The Fourth of July?

I'm adding my page seven, seven sentences from J.D. Faver's challenge below.

This excerpt is from "A Smoky Mountain Christmas."

"Oh! Sorry." Apparently now wasn’t a good time for brain freeze. Since the man was the only warm body she’d seen in hours, and the exasperated look he’d given her, she’d best try to concentrate, hard though as it was. The prison escapees hung in the back of her mind.
Tina tried a couple of times to turn the engine over. But all she heard again was - click, click, click. That, too, faded into the crisp air

Carol DeVaney

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