Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hawaii and a few funnies

While looking for a selection of photos today, I ran across some photos my son took while we were in Hawaii a few years ago. We have deer and cattle crossings, Hawaii has Donkey crossings. Too cool!

We were in a shopping center and this was the stop sign we saw. My son couldn't resist. He parked the car, jumped out and seized the picture! I love it!

Our condo was on the desert side of the Big Island. So beautiful. We made the best of our trip, but about killed ourselves trying to get in as much as we could in a week. Every morning we found turkey's roamed into our yard from the golf course.

We usually saw eight or more daily. My grandson, who was six at the time, was amazed that the turkeys would gather so close to us. In the photo below, he giggled the entire time. He couldn't get over the size of the leaves in the background. Neither could I. Humongous plants!

We shopped, ate, went on a submarine and helicopter ride, enjoyed a Luau and whatever else was available, we did it. I felt sorry for my son, as he did all the driving. But...he didn't complain. : )

If you haven't been to Hawaii, I highly recommend a trip. We'd love to go again, and hopefully will before too long.

What are some of your favorite photos?

Carol Devaney

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