Thursday, July 19, 2012

Okay. So I'm Southern.

I admit being a Southerner and proud of it!

One thing, besides Sweet Tea of course, is that we all know Southerners love biscuits. Beautiful golden, flaky, fresh out of the oven, melt in your mouth, biscuits. There isn't much you can't add inside a sliced biscuit that isn't tasty, or covered with milk gravy. Or sliced, buttered and toasted in an iron skillet. Too good!

Now that said, being a diabetic, the old fashioned biscuits are almost, notice I said almost, a thing of the past for me, because they spike my sugar. I still enjoy a delicious bacon biscuit from my favorite eatery once in a while though. :)

I happened upon a recipe for whole wheat biscuits a couple of months back from WebMD site. Here's the link if you're interested.

The process for these biscuits is a bit time consuming, but worth the effort. Gone are the days when I could mix up a batch of biscuits in a matter of minutes and pop them into the oven.

I wanted to post the recipe here, but didn't have time to get permission from the site. You can find many recipes that call for wheat flour if you, like me, can't eat a lot of white flour.

I have a pasta maker, but haven't made any with it yet. Time to drag out the unit and get started!

Do you have a favorite recipe using wheat flour? If so, I'd love hearing from you.

Carol DeVaney

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  1. I didn't make them, but one of my favorite bread servings is a Thomas's whole wheat English muffin. Yum! Gobbled one for breakfast with some strawberry preserves. Too good.