Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cleaning Decks and Watching Fireflies

The other evening I wanted to finish cleaning our deck chairs, but dusk had begun to fall. Lighting would be poor. Besides, I'd already worked the afternoon away cleaning the side rails and I was bushed. Time wasn't on my side; the next day was so full I didn't know how I was going to get everything done. So I loaded the dishwasher and put away the pots and pans I'd washed.

I went outside for some fresh air. The evening was warm, but  a nice breeze carried scents of Magnolia, Camellia and an incredible fresh-cut grass aroma. Before I knew it, I'd flipped all the outside lights on and filled a pail with water, cleaning solution, then started to brush the mixture on the chairs. Fireflies danced around the yard and reminded me of when my son was young, we'd catch the Fireflies and place in a jar, with punched out holes in the lid. I think all children love chasing the light, my grandchildren did, my grandson still does.

Californians don't see many fireflies as they feed on snails in a damp habitat. Doesn't say much for our area. :)

Anyway, I'd cleaned the front side of the chairs when my husband came out to see what I was doing. Little did he know the back side of the chairs and a cleaning brush awaited him. :)  We finished cleaning and put away the pressure washer. The outside air had cooled and it was nice just to relax. We live on a main street and the traffic is way too noisy sometimes. But, for a few minutes the silence was golden. Then came the twitter of a bird, its sound was lonesome though. Then crickets and whatever else was roaming around joined in. I brought a cup of coffee out to enjoy the clean deck and chairs. Still have a Wishing Well to clean, my son and dil gave us for Christmas one year. So pretty and holds all my extra books, pens and writing pad in a plastic bag so they won't get wet. We all have our book stashes, don't we?

Even though the long-lasting chore took way too much of my time, I'm glad it's almost complete. Nothing left to do but stain and set everything back in place.

Anyone have a deck they want stained? Please don't call me, I've had my fill of decks this year.

I wish you love, butterflies and music...

Carol DeVaney


  1. Nice, tranquil moment in the middle of the rush of everyday life, huh? :) Love those.

  2. You bet, Adriana! Nothing like nature to take away the stress of too much going on. :) Thanks so much for stopping by. Don't be a stranger.