Monday, May 21, 2012


Have you ever thought how similar we are to spiders? Yes, spiders. I'm not kidding. We just aren't creepy, crawly things. :)

While I sat on the deck yesterday morning, I noticed something swaying and glistening from one of our Silver Maple trees. When it caught the sun's ray, I realized it had to be a spider web, and couldn't believe how long it was.

As a spider weaves its web, we also weave our webs to grab whatever life has in store for us. Sometimes those webs attach to not so good things, but mostly we grab hold of the best of our decisions and wrap them in a cocoon for safe keeping.

As the spider works, we also diligently work to gather our own food. Except other material objects we want or need, the spider has no use for those things and can focus on their need. They are focused.

I think of my mom when she was younger. She had a hard time raising her children, but always reached out to other kids in the neighborhood. But the one thing I remember most about those days was, no matter how little we had, she always shared with the ones who had less. Her heart was gentle and big. So she reached out with her web and pulled in those who needed help without a thought. I could go on and on about the unselfish acts my mom performed, but for now it's enough to know she did them without malice or forethought. Helping others was simply the next thing to do.

I'm a people watcher. While at the grocery store I see so many souls that are sad, down and out. A smile, a genuine smile, is enough to lift their spirits. And a smile is good for your heart, too. For one moment you have given freely of yourself.

I hope I continue spinning my web. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I believe in reaching out to the point where what I do, or say, makes a difference.

Today, I'm Spider-Webbing with my grandson. Lunch at school. To some, lunch may not be a biggie. my grandson and myself, that time together is huge. I bind my web along with his and together we're making memories that will last a lifetime. To me, that's the biggest web-spinner of all.

Are you Spider-Webbing?

Carol DeVaney

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