Thursday, May 24, 2012

Carving Time

I don't know about you, but time keeps slipping away. I have a priority list, but the thing is, there are seven priorities at the top of the list. I gotta skim the list and prioritize my priority list! How's that for making the day work for you? Backing up isn't my idea of getting it done.

As I write this, I'm behind on writing, editing, cutting grass, other yard work, we won't even get into house work.

My eyes keep going to the clock. Minutes tick away.

My neighbor retired a couple of years ago. We talked and she was so excited about having time to do all those little things she'd never gotten around to.

You know, relax on the deck with a cup of coffee, take long leisurely walks, set up a couple of cruises a year, paint, whatever your little heart desires. Yeah, retirement is all about chilling out, not having a nervous breakdown. I smiled. I felt for her. I smiled again. I hadn't the heart to tell her life would be busier than when she had a job. Why burst her bubble so soon?

A few weeks later, rather frustrated, she called. "Why didn't you tell me my life wouldn't be my own after retirement?" she asked.

I smiled a sad smile. Over the phone, I heard her blow out a long hard breath.

"How do you get everything done?"

"Well, I have this list on my frig, and I try to do as many things on the list daily, so I won't get backed up."

I didn't tell her I ran in circles most of the time. But, I'd managed to lose weight and tan a little while I did yard work :)

I thought about moving, maybe then, I'd clean out unnecessary items I'd planned on getting rid of. Who wants to lose money selling a house? Then, The Kidney Foundation called. Did I have any items, no matter how small or what it was, that I would like to donate? Thank you, Lord! Oh, yeah. I had plenty they could have. I called my neighbor and put a bug in her ear. If she wanted to donate anything she could begin cleaning out her closets. The suggestion went over well with her and we set up a pick-up on the same day. Viola! Now all we had to do was find time to gather items we thought the foundation could use. I suggested she do what I do. Three baskets. One with worthy items to donate, one for throw-a-way items and one for maybe. We all have those maybe baskets, don't we?

Back to the priority list. Neighbor asked how I managed to get so much done and still do everything else. I admitted my days were going about as hectic as hers. I suggested we set a schedule for certain chores. Finish them. I had found myself doing partial chores so I could get around to more on any particular day. Doesn't work. The unfinished chores still stare me down. The list grows smaller, but daily, a new chore is added to the list. Of course.

The clock in the hall has struck 2:30. That's all the time I have to write, until I make a mad dash to the grocery, bank and cut the grass.

Since the mower is a rider, I won't get too much exercise, but it will allow time to plot my next scene for the book I'm behind on writing! One good thing. I won't hear the phone ring.

How do you carve out time for yourself?

Carol DeVaney


  1. I trick my family into doing some of the chores.

    Hey, in my defense they live here too.


    1. Janice, you're smart to involve the family. Not only does it give you me-time, the family learns valuable life lessons. Kudos for you! Thanks so much for visiting. Please don't be a stranger.

  2. I don't have much "me" time. Between the day job, the family and writer groups and finding time to actually write. I think my "me" time takes place in the shower. No one can intrude there.

    1. June, I certainly understand your dilemna. It's hard juggling time. Too bad they don't have computers on shower walls. Ones you only have to speak to. :) Don't laugh. That could be the next big thing in computers. Ha! Thanks for visiting.