Monday, May 21, 2012

Revolving Door of Summer

It’s not officially summer, but the weather is barreling along in that direction. My house – more specifically, my kitchen door thinks summer has arrived. It is seldom closed. I seriously contemplated installing a revolving door. Think of the advantages! I’m sure I could teach Lydia how to go through it. No more up and down, open and close every time she sees the chipmunk run under the deck. More accurately, it’s every time she hears it so this occurs every 10 minutes or so. It would make it convenient for my guests and easy for me as I run in an out playing taxi. Mostly, we all use the kitchen door. It’s the most practically located. It’s also the door that has had the most issues. I have two of the same doors – one in the dining room and one in the breakfast area. Something about the one in the breakfast area just never wants to sit right. For a while, the locksmith was a pretty regular visitor. It was to the point I would call his business and if he wasn’t in, his wife would take a message. As soon as I would give my name, she identified my house and gave me his cell phone number to call him at another job!  

Everything considered, I really think a revolving door would work. I would gladly give up the space needed in my kitchen. Besides, I’ve wanted to replace the kitchen table with a corner nook for years. Too bad the cost is prohibitive. Maybe I could settle for a people (and dog) counter so I know how many times the threshold is crossed. :)

~ Tara


  1. You definitely need a revolving door! My neighbor catches our chipmunks in a cage and turns them loose, a couple of miles away, at a wooded area. I think she uses peanut butter. :)

    So funny on the locksmith's wife recognizing you! When I pick up hubbby's shirts at the laundry, my order is on the rack before I get in the door. Love when people remember you. 'Course that could be good or bad. Ha!

    Good luck!

    Carol DeVaney

  2. Hey Tara! It was 92 degrees here in south Texas. I hate to think how hot it will be when it actually is summer.