Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinderella’s Shoes

My latest foray is into shopping is for a new pair of sneakers. This shouldn’t be an issue. I wear sneakers when doing outdoor activities or walking around a park all day. I don’t need to spend $100+ for sneakers with super shock absorbers. I don’t even see that I need to spend $50. And that is part of the problem. My hunt for sub $50 sneakers is getting tougher all the time. The front of my foot is wide, the heel very narrow. It’s one of the reasons I like sneakers – and boots. I can walk and my footwear comes with me. I love pumps and slip-ons but there are more times than I care to think of that I go up the stairs and my shoe is left behind. So understand Cinderella. If she had been a western kind of girl and kept her boots on, the whole glass slipper thing would have never happened.

Of course, the supposed earliest fairy tale version of Cinderella didn’t have a glass slipper at all. In Grimm’s version, it was a silk and silver slipper. In the Egyptian version, which is probably the oldest known recorded, the glass slipper is actually a rose gold gilded shoe with a leather bottom.

Glass for the slipper came about with the French version in the late 17th Century with Charles Perrault’s version. It seems the glass would be more difficult to keep on, but the different versions show there was no shortage of ways to keep that magical slipper off of Cinderella and in the prince’s hands.

Right now, a prince on a mighty steed would be nice, but I am holding out for my sub $50 sneakers!

~ Tara


  1. :) cute post Tara. I have a pair of hightops with flames on them.

  2. Oh, goody! of my favorite subjects...Let me see? Could I be courted with a pair of shoes? I think you know the answer to that. Now, where does this prince guy hang out?

  3. Yeah! Shoes are the one thing we women salivate over. I found a great pair of walking shoes (on sale of course) at Marshall's. New Balance, Rock-n-Tone. Great feel and there is a difference when I put my old yard shoes on. Wishing you lots of luck on your search for that perfect pair of shoes. :)