Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thank You Lord for Time

The other day I went through a drive-thru, where when I don't forget, I order a senior coffee. :) I'm allowed. Ha.

When the cashier handed the cup over, she said, "Enjoy, Sweetie."


I thought, Oh Lord. Now I've really reached the senior level. Then I remembered all the times I'd also called a lady, "Sweetie." I felt bad. Bad that I had possibly caused some tic in a perfectly nice person's day.

Anyway, I completely understood the cashier's comment. Here I sat, no make-up and a gray streak running through the front of my hair. At a younger age, I'd have never, never even gone to the mailbox without make-up. Boy how times have changed! Once back at home, I took a good look in the mirror. I barely recognized myself. You know, it's that memory we have locked inside our heads that we're still as fresh and great looking as we were at an earlier age. Twenty-something or just topping thirty. Well, that lady didn't stare back at me. I was older, not getting any younger.

I went about my humdrum day and started the next thing in my day. I stopped and considered what would happen if I didn't do "that next thing." Nothing. Nothing would happen. "That thing," would be there the next day staring me in the face. So I didn't do it. Sure enough, the next day I had to add it back into my chores. No matter, I got it done without a hitch.

The following day I had an appointment with the dermatologist. Hubby had gone the previous week for a mole removal. I was tense about the mole, as it looked strangely like some of the cancerous moles I'd researched on the internet. So the nurse called me in and when the doc came in, I proceeded to show him the reason I was there. He checked out different areas, and was about to begin the procedure. All of a sudden, he pulled back my collar and said, "What about this?"

"Oh," I said. "I forgot to show you that one." I smiled, and thanked him for finding the spot. I'd wondered about it for a couple of months, but didn't really think much about it being serious. I'd actually forgotten about it.

"What you have there is skin cancer."

A light breath would have knocked me over.

"No problem. I'll burn it off and if it comes back, make an appointment and we'll get it taken care of again."

Okay. All was well with the world again, I'd simply watch and wait. I could do that. For such and unexpected diagnosis, I was perfectly calm after I left the office.

About two hours later, the phone rang and it was the same doctor's office calling for my hubby. They wouldn't give me a message other than for hubby to call them. Well, my heart jumped in my throat. Could hubby have cancer too? If so, it would probably be worse than mine, because of the shape and size of the mole and the fact that another doctor had suggested he have it checked out.

Hubby called me back with great news. No cancer.

I was thrilled. I thought about how ironic it was that I was so concerned about hubby, yet I was the one with bad news. Except the bad news had a positive prognosis. I was thankful. I have too many books to write. No time for that old nasty cancer.

The rest of the day, I didn't concern myself with the removal of a cancer. I looked forward to doing my chores, my errands, everything that crops up to take up my time.

Now, my time is used for positive. I won't let the negative mar what I have to do, what I want to do. If cashiers want to call me "Sweetie," so be it. I won't even let it register.

I have time on my side.

Enjoy your time and make the best of each day.

Carol DeVaney

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  1. Oh, Carol. I'm so glad you got that taken care of. It's so like you to be more concerned about someone else than yourself. Whew! I'm glad to be growing older with you, my friend.

    1. Thanks, JD! All is well. Yes, my gray streak will surely grow wider. :)

  2. Carol, I just had to comment. I think that sweetie is a term Southern people use when they talk to people they don't know. I don't think it has to do anything with age. When I was teaching, I called lots of students at one time or another sweetie and honey -- I was teaching at a small Catholic school, so no lawsuits or charges were ever filed. The state was Illinois and the first time I did it, my students (7 & 8th graders) looked at me as if I had lost my mind and then giggled.
    I had to explain to them the Southern dialect -- polite speech. They realized that I wasn't belittling anyone; in fact, it was just the opposite. If they were in trouble, I used their proper names; if they weren't, not so much.

    I'm glad you were worried about your hubby!
    MM Pollard

    1. LOL, MM. I lived in Ohio for a few years and understand "those" looks and giggles. :)

      I imagine the eye-rolling on some of the student's faces when you called them sweetie or honey.

      Hubby's doing great and I'm so happy he's by my side.

      Thanks so much for posting! I enjoyed your comments.