Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Hole in my Heart

by J.D. Faver
Having a quiet, sad, reflective few days after spending a week comforting my old dying cat. She wasn't in pain and spent most of that week in my lap or on my bed. I tried to rub her ears off and she rewarded me with lots of purring. Em
ily has been my loyal companion for 17 years, which was amazing since she had an enlarged heart and a vet told me she shouldn't have lived more than a few years. I can agree that she was a kitty with a big heart and a big attitude. My wonderful son-in-law came over (they all did) to make sure she got a proper burial. Glad I have a family that understands the importance of the furry family members. So, I have a hole in my heart, but Daisy, my other cat is trying to make up for my loss by becoming a cat-version of Velcro. Life goes on...

This is Emily, the small, bossy Manx that was my long time companion. What she lacked in tail she made up in attitude. She was able to express her wishes quite eloquently. 

Emily was the official greeter. Anyone who entered our house would immediately have an opportunity to pay homage to the cat...the whole cat...and nothing but the cat. Since she was gray and white, you were always outfitted with cat hair to coordinate with any outfit. She had white socks with one little striped paw on her left forepaw which you can see in this picture. Yes, I miss my kitty. I keep expecting to see her on my bed or in her favorite window spot. As I write this, Daisy (my 25-lb white cat) is plastered against my thigh, delivering a massage and purring. I'm sure we both need the comfort. ~J.D. Faver


  1. JD, I'm so sorry you lost your kitty. I know she was a special part of your life. Glad you have Daisy to help ease the pain of losing a seventeen year companion. Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Carol. Yes, pets are wonderful companions. It was a value for value relationship.