Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Peanut Butter and Imagination

Yesterday, I saw a commercial where this little boy grabbed a jar of peanut butter, reached inside the jar and brought out a huge fist full. With his other hand, he did the same with a jar of jelly. He looked at his hands for a second, then jammed his hands together and took a bite. No bread. Isn't that just like kids? If they have no utensils, their hands serve them well. I laughed so hard at the boys reasoning.

I suppose we as adults do the same, except not peanut butter and jelly, and our hands. Hopefully.  :)

A couple of weeks ago the day had gotten away from me and I needed something quick to eat. The lunch meat tray was empty, I had soup, but no time to heat and eat. The only bread in the house was a couple of wheat hot dog buns. I grabbed one of the buns, and spread both sides with peanut butter. Peeled a banana and slid it inside the bun. Easy peasy. No slicing or dicing. Talk about good! I'd eaten banana sandwiches all my life, with peanut butter or mayo, but on regular bread. Either one is okay with me.

Writing is kind of that way. Imagination is a wonderful thing and we all have one. We, as writers, make do with what we have. By that statement, I mean if one thing doesn't work, we reach down inside and try something new. That's part of a writers make-up. We don't give up. The what ifs, the whats, the whys. Will this new thought, this new way of twisting the story work? If it doesn't, then we delete and start all over. Sometimes we can take the same plot and turn it around with planning and persistence. If we're lucky, our characters will intervene and give us the next around the bend development. Give characters a little peanut butter and jelly, they'll come through every time. They go together, they mix well.

So, what's your inspiration?

Carol DeVaney

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