Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Wonders

How often do you dream of slipping into a lazy afternoon? A remote mountain side, a rushing waterfall, a blanket, soft music and the world at your feet? Sounds good to me, but since that isn't always possible, I'll settle for a cozy armchair or under the umbrella on the deck, and a great book to carry me away.

The holidays came and went, and now that taxes are out of the way, it's time to concentrate on spring cleaning, and of course yard work, which is never ending. I love spending time outdoors, so I mix tending the fragile plants and flowers with time on the deck. Since yard work's always peeking around the corner, I simply close my eyes for a couple of hours. I need more time to read and write, two of my favorite things. A girl's gotta relax sometime!

The Azalea's, along with other plants and trees, are in bloom again and so are my sinus issues. When I look around at the wondrous hodge-podge of colors the pollen transported, I stock up on Kleenex and relish every lovely flower.

This year has already been especially busy, and my time has been crunched, but I still manage to get most of my To Do List done.

Is snipping away at my To Do list worth it? You bet it is. Nothing compares to exhilaration of wiping out chores that keep popping up each week. Get'm erased one at a time. What a feeling. Plus I managed to set aside the bottle of Tylenol. Ha.

Enjoy a walk around your yard or a trip to the park. Remember to hug someone you love today.
I hope an Angel smiles on you, and I Wish you Music, Butterflies and Love.

Carol DeVaney

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