Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baseball or Books?

At some point we do what we want or need to do. Today, I saw a post on the internet that showed a man at a ballgame. What was the man doing? No, at the particular moment a camera captured him, he wasn't watching the game. He was reading a book! I think that's fabulous. I love when men read and don't care who sees them doing so.

Now, I'm sure the man was evidently good at multi-tasking. He most likely had on eye on the game, and the other on his book.

I thought about the man and wondered if he went to the ballgame so he could read without interruption. :) I'm kidding!

I know I'm a multi-tasker. I've been known to sit in the grocery store parking lot to finish a chapter. I can watch the ballgame with my hubby, work on the computer, write, read, text, prepare dinner, and whatever else, all without breaking a sweat! Hubby shakes his head.

Don't you just love those books you can't lay aside? I do, but don't read those "Can't Put Me Down" books too quickly. I like to savor each word, though at times that's a hard thing to do. Those are the books I read over and over after a period of time passes.

Are you a multi-tasker? What are some of the things you do all at once without thinking about what you're doing?

Thank you for visiting. I'd love to read your answers.

Carol DeVaney

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