Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Men in Blue

So, the blog I was going to post blasted into POOFLand! Is that a word? 'Fraid not, but it looks kind of weird, (I'm partial to weird) and sounds effective when it rolls off my tongue. :)

On unexpected errands today I wondered if I should try to rewrite the same post or something else. My thoughts kept going back to last night.


Okay, we went on our nightly walk at the soccer field last night. All was well. The park was filled with every type and shape person, happy kids played, while others cried, dogs barked and soccer balls flew over the fence.

Then a police car squealed around the bend and pulled over a speeder. Nothing out of the ordinary. I was making my second round when police sirens began to come from different directions. Two police cars stopped about a quarter mile up the hill beside the park's side-gated entrance, still another pulled into the park and parked close to a wooded area. A minute later another comes barreling into the park. Policemen were everywhere.

Naturally my mind went into third gear. If, if,  there was a lawbreaker on the loose, I worried about everyone's safety, mostly the children. I have a wild imagination and thought if someone was on the loose, they could step on the track and no one would be the wiser. Yikes!

Then what?

Finished the walk, stretched, and waited for hubby. As we drove in the direction of the gate, there was another police car parked above the other two police cars. Four houses from the gate, three police car parked in a driveway set me on alert. Okay, I admit, my thoughts were in a whirl.I could only imagine what went on in that house.

I wanted to stomp down on the gas pedal, but decided that would be an unwise decision with the police all around. Before I reached the end of the block, sirens set off again. Police cars banded together on the main road near the entrance to the woods surrounding the park.

If there was someone in the woods, they'd never make it out without meeting with our brave men in blue.

I have the highest respect for our law enforcement. I wonder how they feel in trying times such as these when they follow unsavory persons into the unknown. Yet, there they are, ready for action no matter what the situation.

I, for one, support our officers and admire their bravery.

So the next time I'm late and feel the urge to speed, or hear of a criminal act, I'll remember our men in blue.

They're all around us.

Carol DeVaney

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