Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Does your Bucket List Reflect Your Life?

Okay. So My Bucket List has been on my mind lately. Most aren't grandeur or something out of reach. I live a simple life, I have simple wishes.

First and foremost is to watch my family live a Christian, healthy, prosperous life. God and family means everything and are primary in my life.

Second is to have a wonderful loving relationship with my husband. I have that.

Third is to live without regrets. Of  course we all have regrets, we aren't perfect. But I try to do the things that I should or shouldn't do. That's a work in progress!

Fourth is my passion. My writing. I accomplished publication and that was a dream come true. A few years ago, a poem I published still remains one of the most personal pieces from the heart I've ever written.
Love Is

Love is a misty rain;
The caress of a gentle breeze.
Glistening snowflakes;
A mountain in spring.
A glorious sunset;
Or in a summer's sky.
A baby's touch;
A soft voice.
It is yielding;
It is the moment just before
It carries no force;
It issues no pressure.
Love is mellow;
Ageless and unselfish.
It is wisdom;
With kindness.
It is forgiving;
Of imperfections.
It is the calm;
In the midst of a storm.
It is the quiet;
Of a hushed moment.
Love does not scold;
Nor rebuke.
It is majestic;
Not for the faint of heart.
It is tender;
Soft as a baby's skin.
Trusting, honest;
Consuming and strong;
Love is
~Carol DeVaney

Fifth would be to spend a month in Ireland on a writing retreat. Wouldn't that be the best? There's something about Ireland that draws my soul. Here's an Irish Blessing for you.
"May the friendships you make, be those which endure; and all of your grey clouds, be small ones for sure."

Next week I'll list the next five items on My Bucket List.

Are there any you'd like to share?

Carol DeVaney


  1. My bucket list is pretty much included in my life right now. I worked a career and wrote on the side, hoping to share my books with readers one day, and now I am doing that.

    I also wanted the time and energy and skill to train dogs and compete in dog events, and I am doing that (and having a ball!).

    Since I retired from the day job, I have fallen in love with baseball and the Yankees, and this year I will get to watch them play in person! Yay!

    Guess I'm living my list! :-)

    1. Congratulations on living your bucket list, Regina! Your books sound like a lot of fun to read and that you've incorporated your dog training skills in them.

      We love, love baseball. My son went to watch the Yankee's last year. Had a ball. Have loads of fun when you go! Thanks so much for visiting. :) Kudos on living your bucket list.

  2. Gorgeous poem, Carol!

    A month in Ireland sounds wonderful, but I doubt I'd get much writing done, and you might not either. The Irish truly are the most friendly and most talkative people on earth! The times I've been there I was so busy seeing the sights and talking to folks that writing was just about impossible. :-) I'd go back in a heartbeat!

    1. You know that's the third time I've heard people say they didn't get much writing done while visiting Ireland. I'd still like to go anyway. :) I hope you're able to return and get in lots of writing and chatting! Thanks a bunch for visiting the blog!