Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bonding and People Watching

I'm so excited! My new ebook, Perfect Match, is now available on:
Barnes and Noble

If you like a little romance, a little suspense and inspiration, check out the book. Now that my exciting news is out of the way, let's stir up a few chat topics and questions.

I'm celebrating six months of Indie publishing. It's been a fast, fun ride and I can't wait to see what the next six months bring. My goal is to connect with readers in the stories I write, the characters that nag until I give them their reins and hope you can bond with them as much as I did in stories I read.

Q.           Was there a special book's character you bonded with the most? Name that book!

I've read since I could hold a book. Well, okay. Maybe after I learned to read! I've also gotten into trouble for not answering my mother when she called. What can I say? I leaned against my favorite tree, engrossed in the books and was right there with the characters. I read a little of everything, but as a teen I found romance novels and fell in love with the characters and their jaunts across the ocean, country or across town. As long as the story wrapped up in a happy ending, so was I. Happy that is. Not wrapped up. J

 Q.           As a teen, where was your special place to read? Did you ever get into trouble for hiding away with a book?

Last week I spent the week with my son on a writing retreat. I absolutely relish my retreats. I didn't have laundry, the phone, or responsibilities. The only responsibility was to make my characters happy and finish the book, which I did. Now that it's finished, I have several choices of books to finish.

But first I have a short-short story to publish. Here's a short excerpt:

First Edition published in O' Georgia!

Revised Second Edition


"Ever think of marrying again, Lylia?" Pencil-thin eyebrows furrowed in deep creases across Kysell’s damp forehead.

"Never," Lylia says.

            Lylia stared at the deep purple necklace that hung around Kysell's thick neck. Clearly exposed was the one missing stone, because the imitation she'd replaced the stone with was a poor choice.

"Oh." Kysell pressed her lips together, raised a fleshy hand laden with rings, and touched the twitch in her left eye. "I think people who say never, may live to regret their decision. What are your thoughts?"

Lylia patted the stylish graying knot, balanced perfectly at the back of her head. The thick hair Ben had once loved to bury his face in. Wispy tendrils fell softly around her face and curled under the collar of her crisp powder-blue dress.

In the beginning, and throughout their marriage, Lylia never questioned that Ben had loved her. He had. Passionately. Completely.

Mid-afternoon had produced another scorcher in Atlanta, with the temperature gage already soaring above 100. Earlier that morning, when Kysell rang her up to drop by and chat, Lylia had instructed Rose to serve lemonade on the south end of the wrap‑a‑round porch. A cool breeze usually blew in from the garden and she found the setting appropriate for Kysell's visit.


"What you choose to believe in and the values I choose to live by, are the differences on which we base our decisions." Lylia's fixed observation of Kysell never wavered "It’s my personal decision not to marry again."

Kysell set her lips in a threadlike line, and circled the ring of moisture from the chilled glass with a trembling finger. "Ben wouldn’t want you to be lonely," Kysell said. Her eyes slid over the immaculate flower garden below, unable to make contact with Lylia's intense gaze.

What a hypocrite you are. Lylia found it difficult to contain her contempt for the woman who'd befriended her, but she handled it well, considering. "I believe there are worse things than being alone. I've lived through loneliness in a room full of-friends."

Ben had been preoccupied the last six months of his life. Lylia chalked it up to his health or the sudden interest in time alone several afternoons a week. She stared out across the fields of clover and recalled how Ben’s interest had dwindled in his love of gardening, too.

At times, when Ben had gazed at her, a flicker of hope candled in her aged heart. It was as though he’d sensed her need for something more. A simple gesture to press his hand on the back of her neck, then guide her face to the safeness of his chest, was something he hadn’t done in years.

Passion as she remembered it, faded long before he’d crossed the line. Driven to possess, to demand a response, he'd only succeeded in manifesting numbness.

Q.           How often have you said never and regretted the decision? Then there are the times we probably should have said never and didn't.
Back to the retreat for a moment. It felt so comfy to laze in P.J.'s all day. Jump up, shower, have coffee on the deck and watch the ducks eat and swim.

My son finished his novel, then worked on his screenplay. He's a great writer and I can hardly wait for him to share his book with people who like to read Stephen King.
A funny thing happened when I checked out of the condo. I'd waved goodbye to our neighbors and headed away from the lake. The neighbor came in the door a couple of minutes after me. We chatted for a  while, but I wanted to get home and said my goodbyes again. He smiled and asked, "Are you a writer?" I thought maybe writer was written across my forehead or elsewhere. I told him I was, but wanted to know why he thought I might be a writer. He said, "Your car didn't move all week." I laughed. He was a very sweet character. A very observant character.

Q.           Are you a people watcher? Share a funny with us!
Until next time, I wish you butterflies, music and love.


  1. Congratulations on your first 6 months as an Indie-publisher, Carol. Doesn't the time fly by when you're immersed in an exciting project? I know that you will fill the next six months with even more writing projects and releases. I'm really proud of you.

  2. Congrats on your new release, Carol. Itching to read it.


  3. Thanks, J.D. It's been a wild seesaw ride. :) Can't wait to publish more books!

  4. Thank you, Tara. Loved your Bound by Blood. Great story.