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Sweet Saturday Sample~KILL SHOT by JD Faver

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm going to share an excerpt from KILL SHOT a romantic suspense set in New York City. This is about lovers reunited when the heroine is suddenly thrust in the big middle of danger. This excerpt is from the beginning of the book and doesn't need much of an intro. I hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment to be entered in a drawing for a free download. 

                                               KILL SHOT by J.D. Faver

A trickle of sweat ran down her neck and between her breasts. Micki swept the mass of honey blond curls off her neck, allowing a slight breeze to cool her as she admired the tree-lined drive. Her photographer’s eye lined up a shot for the coffee-table book she planned to create. Central Park was her favorite portrait studio, feeding her need to see blue sky and hear birds sing as she worked. She loved the park, even on a day this warm.
Opening the back of her car, she carefully placed the duffle on the rear deck before slamming the tailgate.
Micki started the motor with one leg still outside the vehicle, switching the A/C to high. She turned all the vents to blow in her face, then tucked in her leg and leaned out to close the door.
As she touched the handle, the driver’s side window shattered with a loud pop, raining small shards of splintered safety glass down her arm. Her ears rang, like she’d zoomed to a high altitude.
Stunned, Micki stared at her hand, covered with a fine mist of glass. She raised her eyes to the gaping hole in her side window. Prickles of fear swept across her flesh, sent a spiral of panic to constrict her airway and clutch her insides.
Micki looked back over her shoulder just as her rear window imploded. A scream raged in her throat, but came out as a whimper.
Stomping on the gas pedal, she slammed the door and veered out in front of another car, barely missing its front fender. Her tires squealed in protest as the driver swerved and braked.
Micki’s heart slammed against her ribs. She couldn’t catch her breath. With each thud of her heart, the need to escape the park escalated. She could feel the crosshairs trained on her neck.
Her tires squealed again as she cornered too fast, frightening a pedestrian back onto the curb.
Someone shot at me. The reality hit her like a slap in the face. Why shoot at a wedding photographer? It had to be a mistake. Was she being used for target practice by gang-bangers? Her only thought was to get out of the park. What if someone’s chasing me?
Micki groped for her cell phone, intending to punch in 911 but her fingers froze. What would she say? I’m driving like a maniac. Come find me. “Crapola!”
She punched number one on her speed dial instead, reaching out to the only person who’d ever made her feel completely safe. It wasn’t fair to call, but as she sped away from the park, she couldn’t think of a reasonable alternative. Both dread and longing rose up inside her chest. It rang three times before a breathy female voice answered. “Oz’ phone.”
Micki choked back a gasp. Her first instinct was to hang up, but she was too scared. She struggled to swallow the boulder-size lump in her throat. “Oz!...I need Oz.”
There was a long moment of silence. “May I tell him who’s calling?” The tone wasn’t breathy any more. Suspicion iced the words.
She hesitated, her heart pounding in her ears. “Micki.”
In the background, she heard Oz asking who was on the phone before the receiver was muffled and a brusque conversation took place.
“Micki?” He sounded tense. “What do you want?”
Her stomach clenched at the sound of his deep voice. She closed her eyes, wishing she hadn’t called. Some things never change. “I’m sorry to bother you, Oz. I don’t want to make things difficult.”
He snorted indelicately. “Too late for that.”
“I didn’t know who else to call.” She took a shaky breath. “Someone shot at me...twice.”
He inhaled sharply. “What happened? Are you all right?”
When she heard the concern in his voice, tears stung her eyes. “I--I did a bridal shoot in the park. Someone shot out my car windows.” The sound of gunfire shattering glass reverberated in her memory. “I got out of there as fast as I could. I was too scared to wait for the police.”
“You did the right thing, Micki. Are you being followed?”
She pulled up to a stoplight and peered at the driver in the car beside her. He stared in morbid fascination through the hole in her side window, his expression sending another jolt of fear to her gut. When the light changed, she pressed her foot on the accelerator to avoid his gawking.
“I don’t think so.”
“Where are you now?”
She glanced in her rear-view mirror at the mesh of glass surrounding the gaping hole behind her head. “About ten blocks from your new place.”
He sighed heavily. “I’ll meet you down in front.” The phone went dead.
She knew this was difficult for him, but it was difficult for her too, considering the last time they’d seen each other.
Oz was leaning up against the building as she pulled into the parking space. A familiar ache spread through her when she saw him. She could almost feel his arms holding her, his tall, lean body the perfect haven. Resting her head against his chest would make her feel safe and secure, but she’d given up the right to experience those things with him.
When he saw her, he ducked his head and raked his fingers through his thick, dark hair before pushing away from the wall.
He stepped into the street and surveyed her through the shattered window. His dark eyes assessed her. A half-smile quirked one side of his mouth. “What have you done now?” He opened her door and held up his hand. “Wait. Don’t scoot across the broken glass.” He brushed it off her seat with his hand.
She struggled to return his smile as he squatted beside her. A soft breeze ruffled his hair. She stifled the urge to stroke it into place. His gaze flicked over her, squeezed her heart as memories of their recent past crushed her.
He stood and extended his hand. “C’mon.”
Micki found herself deserted by the tiny shred of control with which she had driven here to face the man she’d turned her back on. She smiled, although tears sprang to her eyes. “Yes, Sir, Officer Osmond.” Her hand shook as she reached to take the one he offered.
“Oh, Micki,” his voice softened. “Don’t cry.”
But her tears refused to obey, spilling down her cheeks in twin rivulets. “Sorry,” she hiccupped. “I’m scared, Oz.”
“Damn!” He gathered her into his arms. “Damn!”
A tidal wave washed over her, turned her legs turned to rubber. Pressed against Oz’ lean, hard frame, fear and pain slipped away.
“I called this in,” he said. “There should be a squad car on the way.”
As if on cue, the high thin wail of a siren sounded in the distance.
He held her clasped tightly. “Micki, I...”
“Don’t worry,” she said, sniffling against his shirt. “I won’t take this personally.” She tried to smile but her lips quivered and a fresh spate of tears shook her body.
Oz sighed and patted her shoulder while he rocked her in his arms.
As Micki clung to him, a war of emotions raged inside her. She couldn’t remember why she’d felt compelled to break up with him. Oh, yeah, she’d wanted to accomplish something more with her life than just being Oz’ wife. She owed it to her dad. At least he had always believed in her.
The siren abruptly quit screaming when a patrol car screeched to a stop beside them, blocking her car in and causing motorists to have to swerve around them.
“What’s up, Oz? Are you subduing a felon?” The young officer swung the passenger door open, eyed Micki appreciatively and flashed her a grin.
A muscle in Oz’ jaw tightened. He released her and stepped away. “Someone shot at my...ex-girlfriend.”

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  1. Great lead in! I enjoyed your books set in the Gulf of Texas, and I have a feeling this one will be just as compelling. Can't wait to read!

    1. Thanks, Amazonred. I'm having a great time with the Edge of Texas series. I'm concurrently working on #4, BAD DREAMS, and #5--a Christmas sequel entitled BAD COOKIE. I hope to have them out by early fall. KILL SHOT has a different venue but it is a stand alone romantic suspense. I hope you'll give it a try.

  2. Great excerpt, J.D. Exciting action followed by great sexual tension. I want to know more.

  3. Can't wait for the book. Let me know when it is available.

  4. Love the excerpt, leaves me wanting more. Definite download on my kindle!

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  6. June, you created suspense and interest from the very first words! I wish I had the book now; I would sit down with my second cup of coffee and read it from first word to last. Thank you.


  7. Wow, the suspense was immediate and pulled me right in. Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SWEET SATURDAY SAMPLE