Friday, February 24, 2012


Thank you all (yep, there's my y'all again) for taking part in our Mardi Gras Party. I hope you gathered armloads of free books and ate yourself sick on Jambalaya, Gumbo and King Cake. I hope you didn't flash anyone to get all those beads. And I sincerely hope you didn't get too rowdy and get yourself thrown in jail. Now that would be a shame. 

Tara and I were thrilled to see all the free downloads coming in on BOUND BY BLOOD and ON ICE. We were kind of stunned to see that readers in Germany, France, Spain and Italy were downloading them as well as our friends in the UK. For me, other than a few sales in Germany, this was a first. What an exciting time for a writer.

Carol has gone for a week-long writing retreat, but she promised to check in with us on Wednesday. Tara and I will be toiling away at our own keyboards this weekend, but we have another adventure to share with you tomorrow. Did you think we would forget about you?

From 10am-2pm EST Saturday, we will be holding a chat on Coffee Time Romance. Our chat will be all about our western novels. Tara has written a whole slew, but I only have two contemporary westerns and they are as different as night and day. BADLANDS is a romantic suspense about a Houston doctor who inherits a great big ranch in the Texas Panhandle. She also inherits a murder mystery and a hunky neighboring rancher. PAINTED LADY is a romantic comedy about a Texas Hill Country rancher and a quirky artist. I'll let Tara tell you a little about the books she is featuring. 

You know we are very generous with sending our books straight into your hands, so log on to the chat and grab some more books. We love it when you read us.    

Join the Coffee Time loop for the live chat and select individual email. The chat will come right to your email, you can respond and ask questions as we go along. If you want to unsubscribe right after, that's okay too. 
Yahoo Chatters Group (Rated PG) eLoop -

This is the Permalink for BADLANDS (Just paste into your browser and it will take you to the right page if you want to check it out before the chat. 
This is the Permalink for PAINTED LADY

Hope to see you on the chat tomorrow. We have excerpts and give-aways every hour. Come join us. We'll be expecting you.


  1. This ought to be fun, J.D. Looking forward to it. I'll be talking about False Notes (, Heart Quest ( and Taking Chances ( I look forward to seeing everyone on the chat! We love the west and the people in it.

  2. Indeed we do. Thanks for posting the links, Tara. Who doesn't love a cowboy?

  3. Congratulations, J.D., on the new blog. Looks great.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  4. Where have all my comments gone???? Great Blog, just too hard to get in one. Done for now. Not so hard on Yahoo Shine. Bye til it gets user friendly.

  5. What I, where is the Comment Lost N Found?????! Thanks.